That'S True, At Least OSRS

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That'S True, At Least OSRS

Сообщение Kingang » 31 авг 2020, 10:14

I dont think thats the case though. Both take another sort of skill in my opinion I dont believe one is far better than the other. But if you wished to disagreement for the sake of debating anyone could hypothetically learn how to prayer flick that OSRS gold well whereas noone will ever find the ring of suffering exploit like rendi did in order to leap off tutorial island and receive a fire cape.

I know what you are saying. I think we may have to agree to disagree.From my view: Anyone who's motivated and determined can achieve a level 3 fire cape.

Rendi has insane game knowledge & he's contributed to furthering the understanding/exploiting of their sport mechanisms. However he had a lot of help on the way. He's well connected with the underground & market runescape communities that contributed a lot of game knowledge .

All three combined, it generated a blue print for the first level 3 firecape. Now that the blueprint exists, individuals may follow that blue print to replicate what he achieved. Again they will need motivation and persistence to do so, as every attempt takes over 100 hours seeing. But a level 3 flame cape simply needs an above average skill level in tick manipulation, memorizing the routine Rendi to do it and has given us.

You can not achieve by replicating his video with motivation and persistence, what Woox failed. It requires god grade tick calculation. I'd say the prayer flicks of Woox belong at the 1% of the 1 percent.

I agree that every are their very own unique challenges and require different skills. But only on the grounds of repeatability, the challenge of Woox is much harder. For instance: Let's say you choose 200 players that are arbitrary. 100 of those gamers are randomly selected to achieve level 3 flame cape. Let's assume all 200 individuals have persistence and the motivation to push the challenges. I would bet there would be 50 level 3 flame capes from the group, prior to the 2nd group even manages to finish 1 Woox Infero, IF they even manage to complete it.

The argument could be made that if lots of folks wanted to take of breaking the inferno months that the prayer flicking method would be doable. The difference between both is that buy RS gold there is a blueprint for the lvl 3 prediction since noone has although whereas there isn't a blueprint for inferno not because one cant be generated. I think that if put two people up without a google an infinite quantity of time that I guess the inferno qpuld be finished before the fire cape.

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